Need a set of earrings to match a necklace? Ask us about doing custom work for you.

Prefer a leverback earring wire or a clip, or need surgical steel or niobium? Just say the word. (There's usually a small surcharge for specialty earring fasteners.)

Mostly Metal

SOLD Copper & brass geometric

Textured and riveted.(Artist: Linda Rush)

Etched dragonflies

These copper heart-shaped drops feature dragonfly etchings.(Artist: Linda Rush)

SOLD Copper hearts

Textured heart-shaped copper drops. (Artist: Linda Rush)

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Stone & Gem

Turquoise drops

Long earrings featuring Thai copper rings and bright blue turquoise nuggets. (Artist: Linda Rush)

SOLD Emerald drops

Rough natural emerald nuggets on antiqued brass chain. With tiny frog charms.(Artist: Sella Rush)

SOLD Green labradorite dragonfly

Squares of green labradorite stone accented with yellow citring. With brass dragonfly charms. (Artist: Sella Rush)

Rhodochrosite drops

Large ovals of pink rhodochrosite from Madagascar, accented with shiny gray gunmetal chain.(Artist: Linda Rush)

SOLD Apatite & sugulite chandelier

Twisted sterling rings with purple sugulite and blue-green apatite stones drops. Tiny green quartze beads. (Artist: Sella Rush)

SOLD Purple tanzanite

These earrings feature purple tanzanite and clear Herkimer “diamond” nuggets (ultra-high-quality quartz from Herkimer, NY), swinging on sterling fancy chain. (Artist: Sella Rush)

Sapphire nuggets

Pale pastel nuggets of sapphire (likely treated to enhance sparkle) hanging on sterling chain.(Artist: Sella Rush)

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Pearl Coral & Shell

SOLD Pink shell

Beads made from natural pink shell, with anantique brass seastar charm and a bit of pink coral. (Artist: Sella Rush)

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Crystal & Glass

SOLD Glass bits

These earrings are glass balls with a silver foil and multi-colored chips of glass. (Artist: Sella Rush)

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Glass on Antiqued Brass Collection

Sella created this popular style using these unusual glass beads from a California artist workshop. Each handcrafted bead is framed with antiqued brass chain, giving the pieces a vintage flavor.

Sella makes many design variations using a range of glass colors and decorative elements. See the entire collection here, including additional earring designs. Or contact us to order a custom piece. All earrings can be changed to use leverback earring wires or hypo allergenic alternatives.


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