Mostly Metal

Turquoise & etched copper

Turquoise from the Pilot mine in Nevada accented with copper chain and a piece of our custom-etched copper. This necklace fits over the head (no clasp). (Artist Linda Rush)

SOLD Lapis & turquoise lariat

Etched copper focal piece pulls this leather lariat together. With copper, lapis and turquoise beads. This necklace fits over the head (no clasp) and is adjustable. (Artist Sella Rush)

Etched pendants

Etched pendants in copper and brass with a variety of finishes (antiqued, patinated). Large variety of designs. Sold with copper or brass ball chain, custom sizing. (Artists Linda Rush & Sella Rush)

SOLD Butterfly pendant

Etched copper pendant with riveted butterfly and pink accent beads (rhodochrosite and rhodonite). (Artist Linda Rush)

Bird over the moon

Patinated copper plate necklace with winged bird and geometric shapes riveted. On ball chain. (Artist Linda Rush)

SOLD Dragonfly pendant

Antiqued copper dragonfly riveted on stylized copper lace. On heavy copper chain. (Artist Linda Rush)

Copper gears pendant

Fire-treated copper pendant with riveted copper gears. On copper ball chain. (Artist Linda Rush)

Etched trees pendant

Antiqued copper pendant etched with trees. With small brass leaf charm. On copper ball chain. (Artist Linda Rush)

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Stone & Gem

Moss opal & brass

Green moss opal stones with bold brass chains. This necklace fits over the head (no clasp). (Artist Linda Rush)

SOLD Natural emerald

Double-strand necklace pairing one strand of natural green & black emerald beads with a strand of antiqued brass chain and sunflower pendant. Lobster clasp. 18 inches with 3-inch chain extension. (Artist: Sella Rush)

Wrapped azurite

Slice of unpolished azurite showing bands of blue and green, wrapped with copper wire. On copper chain with heart-shaped links. Lobster clasp, adjustable. (Artist Linda Rush)

Aquamarine and handmade glass beads

This piece pairs rough nuggets of natural aquamarine with a unique collection of glass shell beads created by Florida glass artist Lea Zinke. Sterling chain. (Artist Linda Rush)

SOLD Apatite & sugulite chain necklace

Silver chain with links of blue-green apatite and lavender sugulite, Turkish silver beads, and accented with tiny chips of sparkly sapphire. Lobster clasp. 18 inches with 3-inch chain extension. (Artist: Sella Rush)

SOLD Purple tanzanite & Herkimer diamond necklace

This delicate necklace features a sterling bar chain with drops of deep purple tanzanite and tiny double-terminated Herkimer "diamond" quartz. (Artist: Sella Rush)

Rhodochrosite & gun-metal

Two cuts of pink & cream rhodochrosite from Madagascar show off great markings. Paired with heavy gun-metal chain. (Artist Linda Rush)

SOLD White sapphire & silver choker

Delicate choker featuring a short length of sparkly sapphire nuggets in white & pale pastel colors. Sterling flower central bead. Delicate sterling chain. Lobster clasp. 16 inches with 3-inch chain extension. (Artist: Sella Rush)

SOLD Tibetan bead necklace

Classic Tibetan beads feature inlaid turquoise and coral. Matched with bright blue turquoise and red coral. (Artist: Linda Rush)

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Glass on Antiqued Brass Collection

Sella created this popular style using these unusual glass beads from a California artist workshop. Each handcrafted bead is framed with antiqued brass chain, giving the pieces a vintage flavor.

She makes many design variations using a range of glass colors and decorative elements. See the current collection here or contact us to order a custom piece. All necklaces are extendable with lobster clasps. Ask about matching sets with earrings and bracelets.

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