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The 2017 summer season is in full swing! This year, Linda and Sella will be doing just a few art shows around Seattle, and the rest of our summer weekends will be spent in booth #62 at the Redmond Saturday Market! For a more detailed list of dates, see our Contact page. Please feel free to email us at


Jewelry Classes

As of Fall 2014 Sella and Linda are no longer teaching jewelry-making classes. We had a great time teaching and meeting lots of wonderful people over the past five years, but we're excited about some new design directions and want to focus on them.

If you're looking for classes in the north Seattle or Everett areas, you've got some great options. Our personal favorites are Beadworld's metals classes with Christina, and Danaca Design for more advanced techniques. In Everett, check out classes at the Schack (especially for glass), and also Ben Franklin (look for classes with Christina).


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