Shi-Shi Design, based in Shoreline, Washington, USA, is the collaborative effort of Linda Rush and Sella Rush. We create wearable artistic jewelry that is unusual, affordable, and always beautiful. We named our business after Shi-Shi Beach (pronounced shy-shy) on the Washington coast, reflecting our strong connection to the natural world.

We work hard to find unusual materials for our pieces, designing primarily with natural stone, metals (silver, copper, brass), and occasionally glass and ceramic. As a result, most of our pieces are one of a kind, inspired by the material in our hands.

Linda Rush

Linda started jewelry-making when the family decided to have a "homemade" Christmas. She's never looked back. Initially working with glass and crystal, Linda has lately been combining crystal and stone to stunning effect. She says: "I think its exciting that we can bring some of the beautiful natural world into our daily lives." Linda would know about that beautiful world; she spends a lot of her time appreciating it, whether white-water rafting down Pacific Northwest rivers, kayaking in Puget Sound, or tidepool watching at the beach. Linda's current favorite stones are jasper and fossil stone.

Sella Rush

A writer by vocation and inclination, sometimes it's good to walk away from the computer and work with your hands. Gardening's hard on the knees and origami can be a real fire hazard. Discovering jewelry making (that same homemade Christmas) opened whole vistas of opportunities to learn new skills and play with cool tools. Working primarily with stone and metal, Sella's favorite part of jewelry design is figuring out the right technique to achieve the look she wants. Her second favorite is seeing someone enjoy the finished piece as much as she enjoyed making it.


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